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Re-collecting Empire

31 July – 22 October 2022
Wardlaw Museum
Free entry

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Empire is not just a thing of the past; its legacies are all around us and there are multiple perspectives.

Re-collecting Empire is an exhibition that tackles these legacies head on.

It explores colonialism from a variety of perspectives through the University’s historic collections, foregrounding voices and perspectives that have often been excluded, showcasing creative responses and considering how museums and society can work for a more equitable future.

If the British Empire is fated to pass from life into history, we must hope it will not be by the slow process of dispersion and decay, but in some supreme exertion for freedom, for right and for truth.

Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister 1940-1945 and 1951-1955

Violent nationalism, otherwise known as imperialism, is a curse.

Mahatma Gandhi, lawyer and activist, 1924

The exhibition is part of a much wider project by the Museums of the University of St Andrews exploring how we tackle the legacies of empire in the collections and work towards a more equitable and inclusive future.

Visit the exhibition every day at the Wardlaw Museum or take part in one of our free events.

This exhibition has been generously supported by Museums Galleries Scotland.